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President message for web of AOP,Gujarat.
Dear AOPians,

Warm regards and wish you all a happy new year 2017.
Friends, first of all a big thank you to you all for putting faith in me and place me behind the
steering force of AOP Gujarat. With pride and pleasure to lead whole of AOP Gujarat,I am little
tense also to take this big responsibility. When I look back, my ancestors had done wonderful
job and my immediate past president Dr Swati Popat has passed 2016 with bright colours. So it
is my turn to take this marathon work ahead to make our presence felt at central level too.
Friends , in my leadership I will see that the programmes of AOP Guj which are established
already shall continue with same zeal,like TRUMPS,Growth charts, RAINBOW and
CMEs.Similarly, what ever programmes of central IAP are going on , I will keep the same
running with new kinetic energy.And of course I shall be ready for new projects from central IAP
for year 2017.
Up and above these, friends I have dream to start two big projects in my tenure as
presidential projects. First to keep our members academically update, I would like to carry on
CMEs on all five zones of Gujarat related to protocols of common day to day conditions which
we paediatricians face routinely. To start with infectious diseases ➡ guide lines for treatment of
typhoid fever,dengue fever, malaria , skin and soft tissue infections., protocols for epilepsy,
adolescent problems and last but not the least guidelines for vaccine storage. These shall make
our members more comfortable and charged to deal with major chunk of common ailments in
office practice.
My second dream project is to improve new born survival with no or minimum morbidity
and low mortality in our state.We all are aware that newborn survival is improving over years all
over India,BUT then also there is drastic difference between our Gujarat and well advanced
state like Kerala .Friends, let me tell you all that our eyes turn down in shame when our Guj
state -the state of bapu Mahatma Gandhiji and Narendra Modi advanced at many fronts
remained behind in health sector especially for neonates and infants mortality is concerned.
To improve our newborn survival and that also intact survival , I have planned to
launch programme INTACT ie INTegrated ACTion towards intact newborn survival .We have
joined hands with UNICEF for this project for resource materials and financial help. I shall also
include our obstetricians colleagues and paramedics of obstetrics and Paediatric depts for
better outcome.
I would like to organise five TOTs in all five zones of our states to create cadres of
trainers to carry forward training at remote and peripheral areas from grass root level and wish
to continue this for coming years with the help of my followers.I am sure I will have full hearted
support from my AOP team 2017 along with all my members of AOP Gujarat as they are my
We will continue to enrol maximum new budding paediatricians and those who have
yet not joined the mainstream for membership of AOP and central IAP, so that we expect to win
an award in succession for maximum member enrolment from central IAP as we did in 2016.
Kudos team AOP Gujarat. Congratulations.
At the end, once again I wish you bright and colourful academically,socially and healthy

With our website we plan to stay connected ,updated with our members and help them
connect each other !

Thanking you once again.
Sincerely yours,
Dr Kanaksinh U. Surma President AOP Gujarat,2017.

History of AOP

Indian Academy of Pediatrics (central) was born in 1963 at Hyderabad with around 140 pediatricians as its members and the 5th National conference of AOP was held in Ahmedabad in 1968 under able leadership of Dr. (Mrs.) A. B. Desai as organizing secretary.